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Welcome to You have come to the right place. is the home for thoracic and lung cancer surgeon Dr. Dennis Tishko. There is a wealth of information on this site regarding thoracic surgery and lung cancer treatment. There are important and interesting links to interviews and lectures, and there is a YouTube link to a complete 8 minute minimally invasive SiVATS operation to remove a lung nodule, which was pioneered by Dr. Tishko.  Welcome!

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We have an elegant and direct way to get an absolute answer as to what is happening in the lung, and to remove tumors.

About Dr. Tishko

As a surgeon certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery and specializing in lung cancer surgery, my staff and I believe in offering our patients the highest quality care in a professional, educated and inviting atmosphere. We know that any surgery is important, and that thoracic surgery is an extremely critical consideration. We know that you may have many serious questions and concerns.

Dr. Tishko believes the more you know about your care and how to think about it, the better you will do.

Using surgical techniques that he invented and perfected, including Single Incision Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (SiVATS), as well as all other options, Dr Tishko’s goal is to provide excellent cancer care and reduce your recovery time and discomfort after your surgery. We also wish to make the doctor patient relationship strong, and we strive to encourage patients to take an educated and active role in their own care.

We look forward to working together with you and your family as your surgical care moves forward.

What is Single Incision SiVATs?

Dr. Tishko has developed a unique, minimally invasive lung surgery procedure called Single Incision Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery ( SI VATS ) to reduce recovery time for patients – especially those with particularly complex conditions. Our procedure cuts hospital stays by 50% or more, patients experience less discomfort for a shorter period of time, and their families can expect a quicker return home.


We are doing exceptional things with leading-edge techniques and getting extraordinary results.

Testimonials / Success Stories

Superior Surgeon

Dr. Tishko was my surgeon in Columbus, OH. By far a fantastic surgeon. He was direct and honest while providing diagnosis, care, and quality of life for me as a patient!!!
- Self-verified patient

A Doctor with a passion to heal

Lung cancer can change your life overnight. When is surgery makes you feel as though he's given you everything he's got it's a rare
- Self-verified patient

Amazing Dr.

What an amazing Doctor. He took lots of time with my Dad and made him feel comfortable and hopeful. Surgery went great and Dad was home in 2 days from having half a lung removed. Just amazing! We are so grateful we found Dr Tishko
- Self-verified patient

Wonderful doctor. Powerful ally on your side

I was very scared when I was told I might have lung cancer. My doctor told me that Dr Tishko was the best he ever knew. He was completely right. The doctor and his team were always right there and I did great with having half my lung removed. I was home in 2 days! Dr Tishko called me himself about my results.I could tell he was as happy as me to hear the good news. I am blessed to have have gone to him.
- Self-verified patient

Great doctor. Gave me hope and strength.

Great doctor in every meaning of the words. I could tell he really cared about me and my family. He removed half my lung like it was nothing and I was home in two days. I was sore, but he told me what to expect all along the way. I could not ask for a better Dr. The office staff was wonderful. You could tell they care about us.
- Self-verified patient

Dr. Dennis J. Tishko, MD, FACS

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