Single Incision SiVats - A New Lung Cancer Surgery

TYPICAL (original version) VATS

This is the standard, usual approach to VATS which we don’t use. It requires 4 incisions through multiple rib spaces as shown.


Our SiVATS approach uses only one small incision below one rib. Pain, recovery and return to activity are much improved over standard methods.


SiVATS allows all surgery to be performed through the single small incision as shown. Simpler, faster and easier.

Under the care of Dr. Tishko, you can rest assured that your doctor has performed thousands of lung surgeries, including the SIVATS procedures he’s pioneered. To learn more, contact our practice to request an appointment with Dr. Tishko.

Surgery is utilized across all medical specialties, and it has become largely more successful as minimally-invasive surgical technologies continue to improve.

Dr. Tishko has revolutionized lung cancer surgery by pioneering the SIVATS technique, which stands for single-incision video assisted thoracic surgery. Through this method, patients are provided with safer, more reliable care for the treatment of lung cancer and other respiratory conditions.

The use of standard large incision surgery in lung cancer treatment is declining, because large incisions can pose a greater risk of infections while causing more trauma to healthy tissues surrounding a cancerous mass. Video assisted thoracic surgery, or VATS, is a widely utilized alternative to conventional open surgery that features several small incisions across the chest, through which specialized tools and video equipment are inserted to perform a given surgery. SIVATS uses the same principles, but reduces the incisions down to one, providing patients with better outcomes and fewer surgical risks. Below you can get a closer look at the benefits that this surgical approach can provide, whether you are scheduled segmentectomy or another oncological procedure.

  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Increased accuracy in diagnoses
  • Shorter hospital stays and recovery times
  • Lower risk of surgical infections
  • Faster return to daily activities
  • Lower treatment cost

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